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Questions and Answers

Here you can find some answers to frequently asked questions that we receive from our clients.

When I use the computer, the desired application will not start. What can I do?

The first rule in every unusual operation of a computer is to try to close all open programs and click on the system restart. If the system is set up normally, all processes will run normally and the computer will continue to function normally.

The computer is very hot and overheats and sometimes freezes or goes out. What can I do?

In most of these cases, the problem is the dustiness of ventilators and cooling systems. It is necessary to blow out/remove dust that was accumulated. At the same time, it is also important that the computer works in a climate-friendly environment.

The computer has a dark screen when turning on and only the LED lights up. Any advice?

When computer has a dark screen - AlfabitThe first attempt to solve the problem is a complete discharge of the computer.

DEKTOP COMPUTER – switch it off from the power grid. When it is off, then click OFF/ON button and hold it for about 5 seconds. This action disables the computer. Then connect your computer back on to the network and try to run/start it. In most cases, the computer will start (if not, you might have a hardware error).

For the NOTEBOOK, it is necessary to remove the battery (if it is possible) and then perform discharge.

The computer is very slow and the disc light is continuously on. At times, the mouse on the screen also freezes.

When computer is very slow - AlfabitIt is essential to check with the equipment maintenance provider what the status of the hard drive is. In the case of a classic disk and not a SSD, these can be the first signs of failure and bad sectors. It is also recommended to check if you have backups (if you do not have backups, make them quickly).