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Basic protection of the computer

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Basic protection of the computer

In the software market there are many products and services that can significantly improve the level of protection of your computer.

The basic protection of your computer is made up of three key components that simply need to be installed before connecting to the Internet:

1. Activated firewall

A firewall prevents access to your computer’s services that are not intended for public use. Windows 7, Vista, and XP already contain such a bulkhead, so do not turn it off (see the instructions on Microsoft sites). For other versions of the Windows operating system, there are several free programs available:

  • ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
  • Outpost Firewall
  • Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall

2. Updated antivirus program

The antivirus program is also the basic component of protecting your computer. We have prepared an information list of some antivirus programs, both payable and free.

3. Regular updating

You must constantly worry about updating your operating system, your browser, and any installed programs, as you fix security holes by fixing them to reduce the risk of abuse of your computer.

All newer operating systems have built-in auto-update components. To browse the web, you use both an updated web browser and all of its components, for example, PDF display, Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, VLC players, Java, etc. Always install appropriate updates from the official website of the provider.

Special programs can help you check which programs you have already installed on your computer and require an update. For example, for Windows systems, you can use a free solution:

If you have any further questions about this topic or your business situation, you can contact us here.

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