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We Don’t Only Work With IT – We Live It

IT is everywhere. We live in IT era – there is so much technology around us then there was never before.


Choosing right technology can be quite hard with all the software and hardware out there.


That is why we believe asking an experts can save you a lot of time and nerves (well… if things don not work as expected).

Director, IT - All
Blažič Aljoša

Organizes great parties 🙂

IT Manager
Halis Tabaković

Automation is his speciality 🙂

IT Development
Maybe YOU?

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IT Support
Matevž Struna

The funny one 😀

Designer, Web Developer
Tekavčič Rok

Addicted to good coffee 😀

IT Development
Maybe YOU?

Send us your CV 🙂

Our Skills & Expertise

We cover all IT departments managing the computers, networks and other technical areas. That basically means we are doing computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, technical support and much more.
Information technology has become a big part of our everyday lives.

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Hardware & Software 0
Technical Support 0
Embracing Digital - Alfabit
Embracing Digital

Technology can greatly improve our work processes and save us a lot of time – if it’s implemented correctly and with good understanding of our needs.

Teamwork - AlfaBit
Teamwork & Office Culture

Team is very important. We build good relationship within our company that has a great value for our clients.

Cross-Platform Data - AlfaBit
Cross-Platform Data

Simplifying and organizing is crucial to stay focused and have a good overview of the things that are happening within every business.

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